Editorial Board

FEU Editorial Board

rka Shoup
Šárka Shoup
PhD, Board Member, ELF

Šárka Shoup is the director of the Institute for Politics and Society, where she is responsible for managing communications and political affairs, as well as the overall work of the IPPS and its collaborations. She is also a Board Member of the European Liberal Forum. 

Marco Mariani
Marco Mariani
Board Member, ELF

Marco Mariani is the current President at the UIA “Administrative and Regulatory Law” Commission in Paris, Deputy President at Smart Cities Law Firm in Barcelona, and European Affairs Director at the Luigi Einaudi Foundation in Rome.

Daniel Kaddik
Daniel Kaddik
Executive Director, ELF

Daniel Kaddik is the Executive Director at the European Liberal Forum. Actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship and personal and political responsibility, his primary interests include liberal policy solutions, economics, as well as entrepreneurship and citizen participation in governance.

Editorial staff

Antonios Nestoras
Antonios Nestoras
PhD, Editor-in-Chief

Antonios Nestoras is the Head of Policy and Research at the European Liberal Forum. Holding a double PhD in Social and Political Science from VUB and the UA, he has over 12 years of experience in academia and European public administration. He has publications in peer-reviewed journals, think-tank reports, and EU media.

Gérard Pogorel
PhD, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Paris Graduate School of Engineering
Takis Pappas
PhD, Visiting Professor and Researcher, University of Helsinki
Kristijan Kotarski
PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb
Tomasz Kamiński
PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Łódź
Maria Alesina
PhD, Assistant Editor
Francesco Cappelletti
Assistant Editor
Vincent Delhomme
Assistant Editor
Carmen Descamps
Assistant Editor

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