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European Culture: Freedom, Heritage, Innovation

Dr Maria Alesina, Future Europe Journal Issue 4, European Culture

Culture is a bridge between the past and the future. Artists are the first to perceive future trends even before they become visible to the eye. Yet nothing emerges out of a vacuum. Every creative genius, however disruptive and revolutionary, builds upon the legacy of the preceding generations. This inter-generational dialogue – as much as […]

Europe under Pressure: What Role for Culture and Philanthropy?

Culture and philanthropy, Isabelle Schwarz

Abstract We are living in a time of extremes, possibly the most dangerous years since the beginning of the European political project in the 1950s. As Europe grapples with war, climate and migration emergencies, rising costs of living, and societal disruptions – all fuelling populist narratives – there is an urgent need to invest in […]

Culture: Force Against Populism and Extremism

Culture, Populism, Extremism, Lars Ebert

A divided European Union (EU), as emerged in the December 2023 leaders’ summit, combined with worrying signals coming from the ballots in several Member States, represent new reasons for concern across the bloc ahead of the June 2024 elections. The victories of populists in The Netherlands, but also Slovakia, have sent yet another shock wave […]

Resistant Liberalism: A European Culture Facility for Freedom Fighting

Resistant Liberalism, Damien Helly

Abstract Tomorrow’s world poses multiple threats to Europe’s most fundamental values. In the cultural andcreative fields as much as in politics, value wars and battles for sense-making are already being fiercely fought. It is time for the European Union (EU) to shift from cultural resilience to cultural resistance and to creatively support freedom fighting movements […]

Beyond the Trinity: Epistemic Liberalism’s Vital Role in a Liberal Society

Carlos Guimarães Pinto, Epistemic Liberalism

Introduction When discussing the concept of liberalism, it is often distilled into three core pillars: political liberalism, ultural liberalism, and economic liberalism. These pillars serve as the bedrock of a liberal and democratic society, ensuring a balance of power, individual freedoms, and economic prosperity. However, there is a less explored but equally vital dimension of […]

How to Protect Art Cities from Overtourism: The Case of Venice

Paolo Costa, European Heritage, Overtourism, Venice

Abstract Overtourism in Venice has long posed a threat to the ‘functioning’ of the part of Civitas located in the historic Urbs. Today, it has taken the form of a more serious threat to the ‘structure’ and vitality of the entire Venetian Civitas: the one that has expanded in the modern age ‘beyond the walls’ […]

Is a New Cultural Revolution Possible Today Based on Technology?

Cultural Revolution

Abstract In the twenty-first century, the world will be increasingly multicultural and our societies more and more globalised. This will create many risks and challenges but also many opportunities. The more global the world is, the more important cultural contacts and cultural networks between nations will be. And Europe is the continent that is once […]

The Second Stage of the Erasmus Rocket: A New Mindset in Cultural Policy-Making

Erasmus Culture Eric Pestel

Abstract How does the paradox of European cultural policy-making prevent European citizens from embracing a genuine European demos? Although Erasmus is widely considered to be a great success, having led millions of young Europeans to discover another Member State and often to settle there, the nearly 20 million Europeans living abroad in the European Union […]

How Europe can deliver on the freedom of movement of knowledge


Introduction Libraries are an essential part of Europe’s infrastructure for delivering on the recognised human rights to culture, education and research31. Through this, they contribute also to economy-wide creativity and competitiveness. Yet their potential is currently far from being fully realised, in particular at the European level. Indeed, the gap between what is possible, and […]

Cross-Disciplinary Cultural Programming: Timișoara’s Experience as the European Capital of Culture

Timisoara European Capital of Culture

In 2023, the title of the European Capital of Culture was held by Timișoara, Romania, alongside Veszprém, Hungary, and Elefsina, Greece (Timișoara, 2023). Timișoara’s experience with a cross-disciplinary approach to cultural programming can serve as an inspirational reference point for advancing innovation and critical thinking for urban settlements across Europe (European Commission, 2022). The city […]

Culture, Europe and the Digital Age: Current Challenges, Future Prospects

European Culture

Op-ed from MEP Laurence Farreng This ninth term of the European Parliament has been a special one for culture, for many reasons. It began with two major shocks. The first was Brexit, which the British cultural sector voted overwhelmingly against. For the first time, a part of our Union has chosen to separate itself politically […]

European Culture: The Case of Audio-Visual Cultural Production

European Culture

Abstract The relationship of European civilisation to democracy and culture is deeply complex and intellectually challenging. Cultural creation and production only mix with politics in a lopsided manner. The cultural dimension, however, is a fundamental tenet of the European Union (EU) and an indispensable foundation for strengthening its institutions and the performance and achievement of […]

European Audiovisual Policy in the Digital Era: Filmmakers’ Perspective

media and entertainment

Abstract A new European Parliament mandate brings the opportunity to shape a new culturally driven and sustainable approach to the European Commission’s agenda for the audiovisual sector in Europe. Films, series, and documentaries have a unique impact on audiences and are an important mirror to contemporary society in well-functioning democracies. This article thus looks at […]

Sustainability in the Media and Entertainment Industry

media and entertainment

Note from the Industry Introduction Today, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry reaches into billions of homes worldwide to offer a myriad of exciting video-based experiences – but that benefit comes at a real cost. Data from BAFTA’s albert Annual Review in 2021 revealed that each hour of television produced – not even that distributed […]

Music Streaming: How to Make It Sustainable for Music Creators

Music streaming

Abstract After over a decade of decline, music industry revenues have witnessed a resurgence thanks to the rise of music streaming. However, the rapid transformation of the industry has maintained old inequalities and created new challenges for composers, songwriters, and musicians, who consider the current streaming ecosystem to be unsustainable. This article identifies and discusses […]

European Music Streaming Services: Successes, Benefits, Dilemmas

European Music Streaming

Note from the Industry Introduction Today, on-demand streaming is the most popular way people find and enjoy music from around the world. Streaming services are critical to the success of the music ecosystem – lowering barriers toentry for artists, democratising access to music for listeners everywhere, and driving a healthier, more diverse music industry than […]

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