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Issue 3: States in Crisis, Markets in Transition

Facing Permacrisis: to Remain the Same,
the EU Needs to Change


Future Europe Journal Issue 03_States in Crisis, Markets in Transition

The EU evolves through crises. As a sui generis project, it does not have a pre-defined destination point and is constantly ‘in the making’. Shocks and disruptions point to the weak links in its construction and urge the EU to expand in the directions neither initially envisioned nor easily predictable. The trend is unlikely to slow down any time soon. This calls for the EU to become a pro in crisis management. To remain the same, the EU needs to change – constantly. 


The third issue of the Future Europe Journal is dedicated to exploring how Europe has been transitioning to new modes of functioning due to its multi-faceted crisis management. In their contributions, our authors reflect on two interrelated dynamics. On the one hand, the papers study how the European markets and industries adapted to new challenges and demands. On the other hand, the authors focus on innovative instruments and practices that policymakers could utilise to navigate crises and out-of-the-ordinary scenarios on the EU level. Both angles shed light on the long-term transformations and trajectories to which the European states, markets, and the Union as a whole are heading.


As the two sides of the same coin, challenges and opportunities usually go hand in hand. This is another chance for the EU to present a counterargument to populists and showcase its added value to European citizens.


Content table

Facing Permacrisis: to Stay the Same, the EU Needs to Change 
Dr. Maria Alesina
The New Era of Polycrisis and How to Tackle it 
Dr Kristijan Kotarski
Behind the Veil of Inflation: Eurozone After This Crisis
Velimir Šonje
The Banking Union: A Potential Catalyst of the Future of the European Union
Damir Odak
Fiscal Forward Guidance: How Tax Policy Can Be Used for Non-Fiscal Objectives 
Dr Emanuele Bracco
Gene Editing: An Essential Tool for Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems
Joost van Kasteren
Common Agricultural Policy: Reformist Context, Veto Players, and Symbolic Change 
Dr Marko Lovec 
The Impacts of Climate Technology on Equality and Democratic Freedom
Laura de Vries
From Green Deals to Green Bubbles: Time to Question Brussels as an Entrepreneurial State 
Dr Christian Sandström
Ongoing Healthcare Revolution: Building Trust in AI-Driven Medical Applications 
Francesco Cappelletti & Francesco Goretti
Note from the Industry: Future of Healthcare    
Aleksandra Krygiel-Nael
The New Geopolitics of Technical Standardisation: A European Perspective  
Dr Tim Rühlig
2023: Righting the ‘Three-Circle’ EU Industry Strategy  
Prof Dr Gérard Pogorel

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