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Issue 4: Future’s Past: European Culture in the Age of Digital Innovation

Nurturing modern European cultural production as the ultimate laboratory for creative ideas, innovation, and visionary solutions.


Future Europe Journal 4 _Future's Past_European Cuture in the Age of Digital Innovation

Culture is a bridge between the past and the future. Artists are the first to perceive future trends even before they become visible to the eye. Yet nothing emerges out of a vacuum. Every creative genius, however disruptive and revolutionary, builds upon the legacy of the preceding generations. This inter-generational dialogue – as much as creative engagement with the changing environment – opens up new paradigms for our perception of the world and possibilities of the future.


At a time when the world is rushing headlong into the future, amid intensified
geopolitical competition and existential challenges to democracy and liberal
values, the cultural component of the European project has acquired a new
relevance and urgency. As Europe grapples with authoritarian forces seeking
to stifle dissent and centralise power, both outside and inside the EU, the
cultural and creative industries provide a powerful tool for fostering freedom
and critical thinking, nurturing democratic resilience, and shaping a future
where the vibrancy of human expression and creativity remains unbridled.


This issue of the Future Europe Journal delves into the multifaceted importance of cultural and creative industries in the context of the European Union, its democratic and socio-economic resilience, and its global standing. By examining the intricate interplay between culture, creativity, and the democratic ethos, this issue underscores the urgent need for strategic investments and policy measures that empower these industries to flourish, ensuring a free and vibrant future for the EU and its democratic counterparts.

Content table

European Culture: Freedom, Heritage, Innovation
Dr. Maria Alesina
Europe under Pressure: What Role for Culture and Philanthropy?
Isabelle Schwarz
Culture: Force Against Populism and Extremism
Lars Ebert
Resistant Liberalism: A European Culture Facility for Freedom Fighting
Dr Damien Helly
Beyond the Trinity: Epistemic Liberalism's Vital Role in a Liberal Society
Dr Carlos Guimarães Pinto
How to Protect Art Cities from Overtourism: The Case of Venice
Paolo Costa
Is a New Cultural Revolution Possible Today Based on Technology?
Prof Dr Georgi Bardarov
The Second Stage of the Erasmus Rocket: A New Mindset in Cultural Policy-Making
Eric Pestel
How Europe can deliver on the freedom of movement of knowledge
Stephen Wyber
Cross-Disciplinary Cultural Programming: Timișoara’s Experience as the European Capital of Culture
Daniel Friedman, Loredana Gaiță, Oana Simionescu, and Martina Muzi
Culture, Europe and the Digital Age: Current Challenges, Future Prospects
Laurence Farreng
European Culture: The Case of Audio-Visual Cultural Production
Prof Dr Gérard Pogorel & Augusto Preta
European Audiovisual Policy in the Digital Era: Filmmakers’ Perspective
Pauline Durand-Vialle
Sustainability in the Media and Entertainment Industry
Lionel Oisel
Music Streaming: How to Make It Sustainable for Music Creators
Helienne Lindvall and Tobias Stenkjær
European Music Streaming Services: Successes, Benefits, Dilemmas
Olivia Regnier

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