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Each issue of FEU is dedicated to a particular topic, as described in the call for papers below. Unsolicited submissions are also encouraged and will be considered for future issues. Please write an abstract of approximately 300 words outlining your ideas for the article and send it to the editorial board via the submissions page. We welcome all contributions and ideas, but we cannot guarantee that an article will be published until the revision process is complete and the final version has been approved and accepted.  

FEU is a peer-reviewed journal. If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to submit the first version of your contribution, which will be sent out for double blind peer review by an expert on the topic. The final decision about the article will consider the opinion of the reviewer and will be taken upon receipt of a revised version, if any modifications are required. 

Call for Abstracts

Cultivating Freedom: European Cultural and Creative Sector for Resilience of the Continent

In times of intensified geopolitical competition and existential challenges to democracy and liberal values, the cultural component of the European project acquires a new relevance and urgency. As Europe grapples with authoritarian forces seeking to stifle dissent and centralise power, both outside and inside the EU, the cultural and creative industries provide a powerful tool for fostering freedom and critical thinking, nurturing democratic resilience, and shaping a future where the vibrancy of human expression and creativity remains unbridled. Investing in and championing European cultural institutions and industries is an indispensable strategy for strengthening its democracies and increasing its international influence.


The next issue of the Future Europe Journal (FEJ) aims to delve into the multifaceted importance of cultural and creative industries within the context of the European Union, its democratic and socio-economic resilience, and global competitiveness. By examining the intricate interplay between culture, creativity, and the democratic ethos, this issue seeks to underscore the urgent need for strategic investments and policy measures that empower these industries to flourish, ensuring a harmonious and vibrant future for the EU and its democratic counterparts. Contributions by intellectuals, experts, and policymakers will highlight those domains that are of strategic importance for the EU and require support of policymakers in the coming years to realise their full potential, both economic and social.

This FEJ issue will cover policy and industry points of view on the sector, with a focus on the three key aspects (and their interplay):
  • European perspective on culture (e.g., overcoming national fragmentation, dealing with global competition, supporting cultural production on the European level);
  • Role of the sector in supporting the resilience of European democracies (freedom of expression (e.g., in relation to artistic freedom), inclusivity, diversity and pluralism, countering authoritarianism and populism);
  • Cultural production in the digital era, challenges and opportunities of digitalisation for the European cultural and creative industries.

We thus encourage submissions that cover both the internal (democracy and freedom) and the external (global influence) dimensions of the sector’s significance for the EU, with a special focus on digitalisation as a source of opportunities as well as obstacles. Alongside intellectuals and academics, we are inviting experts and practitioners from a wide range of cultural and creative industries to share evidence-based insights from their specific domains and suggest policy-oriented solutions on the European level.

Submission details

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Timeline for the issue

15 September 2023
Deadline for Abstract Submissions
20 September 2023
Notification of Selection Results
30 October 2023
Submission of Draft Manuscripts
20 November 2023
Peer-Review and Revisions
20 December 2023
Submission of Final Papers
30 January 2024
Publishing of the Journal 

Keep the following factors in mind before submitting your abstract/paper

Is the paper worthy of attention and important for policymakers? Does it make a significant contribution that is topical, timely, and consequential for the policy sector?
Does the paper make a distinct contribution to current debates, present new arguments and supporting evidence, or approach the topic from an angle that enriches our understanding of more general trends?
Presentation and Structure
Is the paper structured in a consistent and logical way – with clear subsections – supporting the clarity of its arguments and analysis? Are the arguments and supporting evidence presented in a coherent and accessible way?
Liberal Perspective
Does the paper adhere to liberal values and principles? Does it advance our understanding of the topic from a liberal perspective and/ or offer compatible solutions to real-life problems?
European Relevance
Does the paper apply or contribute to wider debates about EU policies? (Not limiting itself to a national context.) If a national case study is used, is its link with the European level of analysis clearly defined?

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